Monitoring Custom Metrics in Microservices

April 8, 2019

No matter how many metrics that any monitoring tool collects, there is always a need for custom metrics. Some want business metrics. Some want metrics derived from other metrics. The use cases for monitoring custom metrics from microservices and associated components are varied and many. Metrics such as KPIs have become increasingly important in the age of microservices, containers, and orchestration tools like Kubernetes. Since microservices have so many components and are deployed so frequently, metrics (both out-of-the-box and custom) provide critical information used to determine the root cause of performance and stability issues.

Out of the Box Metrics

Instana makes it incredibly easy to gather both out-of-the-box and custom metrics from your application services. When the Instana Agent is installed it automatically discovers all service components, and deploys sensors that monitor each given technology. With over 100 sensors, and growing, Instana has you covered for just about every major technology. For additional technology coverage, Instana makes it easy to incorporate and utilize custom metrics.

What can you do with custom metrics in Instana?

There are many benefits to bringing your custom metrics into Instana. To begin with, every captured custom metric is automatically available in the Instana UI giving you a unified place to view all of your data. Custom metrics are given the same importance as any other metric within Instana. This means that custom metrics can be used to create custom rules definitions for alerting purposes, they show up in the appropriate dashboards depending on the used technology or framework, and have the same data retention as any other metric in Instana. Additionally, custom metrics can be used as a metric source in Grafana dashboards.

Instana is continually adding support for new sensors but with the abundance of functionality associated with custom metric support, there’s no need to wait to bring in the additional metrics you want now. Examples of custom metrics can be viewed with Instana’s support of Dropwizard, StatsD, and Micrometer.

The above screenshot shows Dropwizard custom metrics in Instana

The above screenshot shows StatsD charts in Instana

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