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June 21, 2017

Why One Second Matters When Monitoring Applications

In containerized apps, servers can spin up and disappear in seconds. Metrics over a minute won’t get it done. It’s critical to measure every second. Read on...
June 15, 2017

Why Accurate Application Maps Are Important

In Norway, there is a beautiful cliff next to a Fjord called Preikestolen. It averages 200,000 visitors every year. Lately, many of those tourists have mistakenly ended up in a... Read on...
June 12, 2017

The Six Pillars of Modern Dynamic Application Management

The recent eBook Service Quality Management in the Microservices Age discusses what’s needed to “thrive in the brave new world of Microservices”. Read on...
May 30, 2017

Service Quality Management and Microservices: a Complimentary eBook

I don’t have to tell you that Microservices have changed software deployment forever. They change the way we design, develop and deploy applications. Microservice applications are easier to scale and... Read on...
May 12, 2017

Introducing Dynamic Focus for Application Performance Management

At Instana we are constantly working with our customers to help them monitor and manage their dynamic and scaled application environments. Read on...
May 11, 2017

Monitoring Hadoop Clusters: a one hour project!

Host Yellow
What if you could monitor your Hadoop Cluster out of the box? APM companies have attempted this in varying degrees for some time now, but none have ever crossed the... Read on...
April 27, 2017

Go Monitoring and Tracing with Instana

Go trace
Go is being considered a good fit to implement microservices, and as we engage with the IT marketplace, we see it quite commonly used for new projects. Read on...
March 16, 2017

DC/OS and Instana – a Partnership for Modern Operations

Deployment and monitoring of modern applications and infrastructure has evolved. Gone are the days of writing code for a year, deploying to production (having a release party), and hoping that... Read on...
January 31, 2017

Service Mapper: Our First Step Towards True Service Management

Service Mapper 1
Applications are IT’s reflection of the business processes a company is automating. Applications are collections of Services which essentially model and deliver specific business processes. A management tool would presumably... Read on...
January 10, 2017

Managing Quality of Service (Part I): Management, Service, Quality and Model

Monitoring is a tool. It is one of many tools in the hands of the IT department used to deliver the best service to their customers, be they company-internal or... Read on...
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