Running Stan’s Robot Shop (Sample Microservice Application) on DC/OS

It’s official! Our sample containerized microservice application, Stan’s Robot Shop, is a hit. We’ve authored guides on how to deploy on both Kubernetes, and Open Shift.

Today we’re adding another accomplishment to Stan’s Resume and we’re eager to demonstrate how you can deploy Stan’s Robot Shop on a development DC/OS Cluster.

DC/OS Prerequisites for Stan’s Robot Shop

There are multiple methods of deploying a DC/OS cluster, today we’ll be focused on getting a local development cluster running using dcos-vagrant. We’ll also be using the dcos-cli.

The Instana agent and Stan’s Robot Shop is capable of running on any modern laptop with a quad-core processor and 16gb of ram.

Start up the development DC/OS cluster and authenticate through the DC/OS CLI tool:

$ vagrant up
$ dcos auth login

Deploy Stan’s Robot Shop

Return to your command line prompt and change directory into the robot-shop/DCOS folder. Run the script:

$ cd robot-shop/DCOS
$ ./

While you’re waiting for the deployment to complete, this is a good opportunity to install the Instana agent to monitor your sample microservice application.

Deploy Instana Agent

Next, you’ll need to install the Instana agent. Open the DC/OS web portal in your browser, click the Catalog menu item on the left, search for Instana, click on instana-agent, then click Review & Run. You’ll need to configure your agent key, set agent-zone name and click Review & Run again, then finally click Run Service.

Once the Instana agent is running, you should find a healthy set of services in Services > robotshop in your DC/OS web portal. Click the web service, find the running task, click on it, and then click on the Endpoint hyperlink.

Once you’ve landed on the shop page, feel free to click around, buy some stuff. Once you’re done buying a truckload of squishy Stan’s you may notice Instana has automatically discovered all the services we just deployed and is now monitoring them.

As you fill your cart with R2D2s you’ll notice the service map is automatically built and the request is traced end-to-end.

Monitoring Your Applications on DC/OS

Monitoring DC/OS with Instana is so easy, even a K9 robot could do it.

You have reached microservice monitoring Guru status and achieved a Zen like inner peace not having to worry about how your application is performing. What are you going to do with all the time you have just got back?

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