Serverless Monitoring of Ruby Applications on AWS Fargate

September 21, 2021

Serverless Monitoring of Ruby Applications on AWS Fargate

As of the latest release, Instana supports the monitoring of Ruby applications running on Fargate, a serverless container orchestrator managed by Amazon Web Services. This enables Ruby teams to take advantage of the benefits Fargate offers while still being able to use Instana’s world class observability and monitoring tools.

Ruby and Fargate

For a modern and cloud focused Ruby development team, Fargate’s value proposition is very attractive. Your team no longer needs answers to questions like:

  • How many instances do I need to meet our redundancy requirements?
  • What is the best instance type for our workload?
  • Do we need reserved instances?
  • What mixture of on demand and spot do we need?
  • How do we handle broken hosts?
  • What are the compliance implications for host systems that meet all of those requirements?

Instead, you specify the CPU and memory you need each container to have and AWS takes care of the provisioning, management and security of the underlying infrastructure. Fargate can help get your team in a position where they can focus on the application more and the infrastructure to support it less.

Feature Breakdown

As with our Fargate support for Java, Node.js, .NET Core, Python, and Go, we offer the same task level statistics for Ruby. We track the resources used in a Fargate task:

The neighboring containers in the task definition:

Metrics from the Ruby Process:

And traces from the application:

Best of all, we created our Fargate support in a way that leverages all of Instana. Like with our previous Fargate implementations, we’re correlating processes and containers with the calls that your application receives.


Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

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