Stan’s Kubernetes Roadshow

August 16, 2018

San Francisco. New York. London. Berlin. Paris. Tokyo. Oh my!

Stan has been a busy robot this past DevOps season. And he’s ready to hop on tour again after spending his summer vacation in the data center.

Just kidding, Stan is ALWAYS in the data center!

Next up is Stan’s Kubernetes Roadshow. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through what Stan and the Instana team will be up to over the next two months and give you a peek into two conferences that should be on your radar; VMworld and Microsoft Ignite.

You might be familiar with VMware and Microsoft’s offerings, but for those who are beginning your journey and have yet to scope out the technologies that support Kubernetes development, you might be wondering – what do VMware and Microsoft have to do with Kubernetes? And how does a robot fit into the picture?!

Here’s a quick explanation of how these solutions support Kubernetes development, and why Stan is hitting the road with the Instana team to demo our Automatic Infrastructure and Application Monitoring solution to all the humans.

VMware’s Kubernetes Engine (VKE)

Recently announced by VMware, the VKE provides an easy to use platform that allows you to run containerized applications without the cost and complexity of implementing and running Kubernetes.

VMware’s Pivotal Kubernetes Service (PKS)

And of course, there is the VMware Pivotal Kubernetes Service (PKS) which simplifies the deployment and operations of Kubernetes-based container services.

Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

As for Microsoft? It’s none other than AKS, which makes it simple to deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure.

Now back to your question. How does a robot fit into the picture?!

It’s simple. Stan is the muscle behind Instana’s Automatic APM solution, and we’re excited to show the VMware and Microsoft communities an effortless way to tame Kubernetes complexity with automatic container, infrastructure and application performance monitoring.

Be sure to visit our booth at VMworld (#E630) and Microsoft Ignite (#448) for an unforgettable APM demo and some sweet robot swag! And because we’re sci-fi nerds, we’re giving away Funko Pop! Star Wars Bobble Heads to those who RSVP a visit to our booth.

Where should Stan go next?

Tweet your suggestions to @InstanaHQ and don’t forget to tag #TravelingStan!

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

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