Stan’s Top Three QCon Sessions

June 22, 2018

QCon Crosses The Pond

A few months ago, QCon London provided insights into the journey from monolithic applications to microservices. Attendees also got a peek into the algorithmic brain behind Uber’s ride-sharing services and took away some key measurements for transforming DevOps processes. Ultimately, it was a great conference for learning about the future of software development.

That’s why we are excited and proud to be one of the few sponsors at QCon New York. Here are three reasons why you should be excited, too – and should head over to the Marriott Marquis next week if you’re anywhere close to NYC.

Making Sense of Containers

Whether you’re simply exploring the benefits of containers, currently experimenting with containerized applications, or already running in production with orchestration, QCon’s container tracks provide valuable information on developing and deploying containerized applications.

Here are Stan’s picks for the top three Container Track sessions you should check out:

New York, New York – The City That Never Sleeps

Whether you’re driving in from Connecticut or flying in from Colorado, make sure to mix in some city time with your tech time. Sure you can go climb some skyscrapers (or the Statue of Liberty), but here are a few other unique activities you can only do in New York.

  • Grab a slice of New York pizza (It’s the water… trust us.)
  • MoMath – The Museum of Mathematics
  • Gallow Green (rooftop bar, with actors from another era)

A DevOps Robot Named Stan – At Booth X!!

After attending those container sessions and workshops – head over to Instana’s booth (#10) to continue the discussion about APM for containers and managing microservices. We’ll throw in some sweet robot goodies, too!

Announcement, Product
From Instana’s inception we have believed that in order for our users to get the most out of an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) platform we needed to lower the barriers of entry...
Conceptual, Thought Leadership
What are the differences of Docker vs Kubernetes? This is a common question with a not-so-simple answer. The reality is that Docker is a company with multiple different products (container technology, and...
Announcement, Featured, Product
CRI-O is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubating project. According to their website, “CRI-O is an implementation of the Kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface) to enable using OCI (Open Container Initiative) compatible...

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