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Kubernetes, Kubernetes Monitoring and KubeCon

I have vivid memories of the first KubeCon that I attended – it was in Austin, and it SNOWED. I was also pretty blown away by the passion attendees and exhibitors alike had for Kubernetes and what it represented to the world of containers and applications. It had only been a month since I was at a user conference of a previously popular orchestrator. I had more people drop by our booth at KubeCon in the first hour than attended the other conference.

Kubernetes Has Grown – Instana Has, Too

Back then, Instana’s claim to fame around Kubernetes was that our stuff simply worked in a Kubernetes environment – no coding to do, no hoops to jump through, no pre-instrumenting code before deploying. You just turned on our agent, and we took care of the rest.
Now, of course, Kubernetes is king – it hasn’t slowed down a bit in those thirty months. He cool thing is that Instana didn’t slow down either – becoming the first to manage pods and clusters with the application components, and the first to offer the same level of support for all K8S distributions, as well as Open Source Kubernetes.

And so I’m excited to talk about an important piece of our eBook Library:

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Performance on Kubernetes
If you have ANY questions or concerns about observability and/or performance monitoring in K8S environments, this is the perfect way to begin. The topics are high level with just enough detail to help you understand the nuances of this great system:

  • The Kubernetes Adoption Cycle in the Enterprise
  • Why Kubernetes is a perfect fit for DevOps, Microservices, and Continuous Delivery
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Kubernetes
  • Addressing Application Observability and Monitoring in Kubernetes environments

What? You don’t like to read? That’s okay – there’s a Kubernetes Monitoring Webinar, too.

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

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