Three Reasons to Use Instana and Amazon EKS for Application Migration

November 18, 2021

How Instana Uses AWS EKS

If you’re an AWS customer, you might be heading to AWS re:Invent, and you’ve definitely heard about Amazon EKS Anywhere. The open-source extension of EKS allows you to migrate EKS workloads to on-premise infrastructure using VMware vSphere. EKS Anywhere moves Kubernetes clusters back and forth from the cloud inside one continuous user experience.

One of the biggest benefits to EKS Anywhere is the ability to migrate applications to wherever you might want them, and there are multiple reasons you might want your Kubernetes clusters either temporarily or permanently on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. The reasons for different hosting scenarios have been beaten to death (there are literally entire companies that push narratives based on different scenarios related to cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premise deployment options. So yeah, it’s been discussed).

Moving applications between the cloud and your local hosting environment comes with risks, so monitoring applications anywhere is critical. As the Cloud-Native Observability solution, Instana supports EKS Anywhere natively, along with myriad other options for Kubernetes Observability. So to add to the AWS re:Invent conversation, here are three reasons to use Instana and Amazon EKS as partners in application migration efforts:

Automate discovery of application components anywhere

The first reason is automation. Let’s imagine you’re using EKS Anywhere to move your Kubernetes cluster that used to live in the EKS cloud to a virtual machine. Normally, you would have to rewrite at least a portion of the observability code during migration in order for the solution to work properly in the new virtual environment. While that is totally feasible, it would also consume an unnecessary amount of time.

Instana automates the process of discovery, so when you decide to migrate your workload to a new environment, you don’t need to reconfigure your code. When any new user installs Instana, the Instana Agent automatically discovers the environment and everything in it. Similarly, Instana automatically detects any changes in an application or hosting environment instantly (that also means that Instana excels with Canary testing). To that end, when a user decides to migrate her EKS cluster to on-premise with EKS Anywhere, Instana automatically detects the change without manually instrumenting observability code.

Create a seamless user experience between cloud and on-premise

The second reason is a seamless user experience. Instana provides a seamless and unified experience, whether observing applications and systems that live in the cloud, on-premise, or any combination of both — it all looks and feels exactly the same from Instana’s GUI. This eases some of the burden involved in application migration. Migrating applications with Instana and Amazon EKS to new environments is seamless, without throwing monkey wrenches into other parts of the organization. So if you’re only responsible for building that app, not monitoring it, the folks who are responsible for monitoring it won’t get angry at you 🙂

Instana is everywhere you are

Lastly, EKS isn’t the only thing Instana can observe. Instana can observe almost anything — seriously, check out our support page. No matter if you’re bursting EKS-based applications into the cloud for a quick traffic bump or housing them on z/OS, Instana can observe it with the exact same seamless user experience. If you’re looking to migrate your application from bare metal to OpenShift, we’ve got you covered; if you’re looking to bring those applications back on premise to KVM, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of where an application lives or for how long, the power of automation means Instana can stay the same so you can change.

That’s our quick roundup of three reasons Instana and Amazon EKS are a vital combination for application migration. That said, there are a lot more reasons Instana is a great tool for application migration. To learn more and talk about using Instana and Amazon EKS together, come check us out at AWS re:invent at booth number 1155. Look for the shirts that say “Ask Me About Observability.” We’ll see you there!

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