Five Things You Shouldn’t Miss at HashiConf 2017

Top Reasons to Make the Trip to Austin

It’s Time For HashiConf 2017

HashiConf, the annual HashiCorp user conference, is just a few weeks away. Participating in the “best opportunity to share knowledge with the HashiCorp community about the future of infrastructure,”* we’re quite excited to be a show sponsor (We’re in Booth 10).

HashiConf Logo

Last year’s conference was a fantastic experience both as a sponsor and as attendees. With that in mind, let’s look at some really cool things that you won’t want to miss at this year’s show.

  • Day 2 Keynote – Amazon’s Jeff Barr and Google’s Kelsey Hightower

    Let’s face it – in our world, anything Amazon is important and Jeff is Amazon’s Chief Evangelist. We can’t wait to hear his views on the future of DevOps, Agile computing and the Amazon Cloud.

    Then we get to hear from “the other side,” so to speak. I love the fact that Kelsey’s bio talks about him dealing with users all the time. Should make for a fun morning.

  • Bats (the flying kind)

    If you’ve ever seen the Austin Bat exodus from the Congress Avenue bridge, you know what an amazing sight it is. Monday’s sunset is at 7:32 – Tuesday’s is at 7:31. The JW Marriott is only a block away from the bridge. Make sure you keep some time in your plans to see over a million bats take off for their nightly hunt.

  • Day 1 Keynote

    The HashiCorp founders take the stage – always a highlight of any technical user conference. It’s fun to hear about the latest innovations, plus the strategic direction. With the amazing acceleration of container technology usage in the past 18 months, this should be quite interesting.

  • The Instana Container Demo

    Our Solution Architects have been working diligently to create a fantastic demonstration of our container management capabilities. Coupled with some awesome product updates in the past few weeks (End User Monitoring enhancements, Python management, PHP tracing and more). Come by Booth 10 to get a demo!

  • Squeezy Stans!

    The best is saved for last. We’re introducing a new giveaway at this show – Squeezy Stan. Come early for your demo and your Stan, because we expect to run out quickly. Once you have your Stan, become famous by posting pictures of Stan around the world and tagging: #TravelingStanInstana Stress Balls - known as Squeezy Stan

So there you have it – the five things you HAVE to do at HashiConf.
See you there!

* From the official HashiConf Site

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