We’re Taking Your Ideas to Manage Application Feature Requests

March 7, 2022

Image: We're Taking Your Ideas to Manage Application Feature Requests

Customer satisfaction is the most important metric we have. To serve you well, it’s critical that we respond when you request changes. We heard you loud and clear when you expressed dissatisfaction with our application feature request process. We have not always provided timely communication or correctly set expectations on how we are managing application feature requests. We are committed to continue improving the process.

Starting today we will be moving to a new process for capturing ideas from our customers:

  • As ideas are submitted, they will be available for all customers to review
  • Customers will vote on eligible ideas to rank them
  • We will maintain the status and ranking of ideas to provide transparency into our pipeline
  • We will respond to new Ideas within 30 days by moving them into the Under review status
  • Within 90 days, we will move new ideas from Under review to one of 5 statuses:
    • Needs more information — more information is needed to assess the Idea.
    • In development — the Idea is for a feature that is currently being worked on by Instana.
    • Planned for future release — the Idea is for a feature that is planned for Instana.
    • Future consideration — the Idea is for a feature that is in Instana’s unprioritized backlog and may come to Instana.
    • Not under consideration — the Idea is for a feature that does not align with Instana’s strategy and vision and will not be considered.

Here is a diagram of our Idea process in the Aha tool:

Diagram of our Idea process for application feature requests in the Aha tool
Diagram of our Idea process in the Aha tool

We will be retaining all existing feature requirements along with conversations for historical purposes. Please let us know which of your existing feature requirements you would like recreated in the new process for future consideration.

Instana is rapidly growing the Instana’s product capabilities, so will continue grouping related ideas together as broader initiatives as we uphold our design principles and improve our user experience.

We invite you to post your ideas to help shape our application feature requests going forward.

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