3 Reasons Why You Should Attend DevOps Enterprise Summit London

June 23, 2018

DevOps Conference Season Continues

June is a busy month for Instana’s event team as DevOps Season hits full bore. Our next stop? The DevOps Enterprise Summit in London!

What is the DevOps Enterprise Summit?

DevOps Enterprise Summit is a conference “for leaders of large organizations that are spearheading the implementation of complex DevOps initiatives.” It’s full of fantastic sessions from the world’s top experts in DevOps – like Gene Kim, award-winning CTO and author of The DevOps Handbook

Three Reasons You Should Be at DOES London

1. Hear from over 40 expert speakers on Cutting Edge DevOps Topics.

Stan’s favorites include the following:

  • Taming the Hybrid Beast with DevOps
  • DevOps for Adults: How to Scale your DevOps Initiative Beyond its Awkward Teenage Years
  • Accelerating Software Development through DevOps and Strategic Tooling

2. It’s London – Take to the air

Depending on where you are staying, you can travel to the DOES ’18 venue (The O2) by the Emirate Air Line Cable Car at the Royal Docks. The views are spectacular! Once you are at the O2 Conference Center, there are a lot of cool things to check out. Stan’s favorite is the The Dawn Of Super Heroes (a DC Comics Exhibition).

3. Learn why DevOps teams LOVE Instana

Have you heard of Stan, our AI-Powered DevOps Assistant? Stop by the Instana booth (Booth Number S35) for a quick demo of our APM Solution for Containerized Microservice Applications. Not only will you be amazed, but you’ll also get some pretty cool robot swag.

Can’t make it? Check out our list of the Top 15 DevOps Conferences to Attend in 2018!

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