From Zero to Enterprise APM in No Time Flat

Monitoring a Containerized Application in 30 Minutes or Less

A Real World APM Story

This is the story of a recent POC (Proof Of Concept). It’s short because at Instana, we believe in Automation. The customer’s goal was visibility into their microservice and distributed architecture service environment. In their environment, all application components are running in Docker containers and managed by Kubernetes/MesoSphere.

Getting full application visibility only requires a few steps by DevOps:

  • Get an Instana SaaS (or On-Prem) Instance
  • Deploy the Instana Agent
  • Watch the Magic

Step One: Get Instana

Get access to Instana. Then login. The first time you login to the Instana SaaS environment, it looks like this. No Agents are reporting. No data is flowing. The first step is to get the Agents into play. In an application controlled by Kubernetes, this is really easy!

APM Application Map Before Deployment

Step Two: Deploy the Agent with Kubernetes or DC/OS

The Instana Agent is referenced in the “deployment descriptor” and the agent is deployed as a Docker Container. There’s an example for Kubernetes in our Technical Documentation:

kubectl apply -f instana-agent.yaml –validate=false

And five minutes later we get the following – I really mean “FIVE” minutes later.

APM Container Map After Deployment

Step Three: There is No Step Three – You’re Done!

Instana is now monitoring all services with respect to both health and change. Instana detects any change (and updates the map in real time), identifies any issues with the infrastructure and/or Services, and alerts users when any API or service experiences quality or performance problems.

Step Four: Drop the Mic

Yes, it was that easy. I hope my boss doesn’t read this. I’m asking for a raise next week.

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