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Instana is taking application management to a new generation that DevOps teams can rely on and are excited about that simply assists teams with exact understanding.

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Made with Love

We are building a product that our customers love. We promote a healthy work-life balance, career growth, and a friendly office culture.

Engineered in Germany

Instana’s engineering team is based primarily in Germany, but we enjoy having team members all over the world.

Worldwide Business

Instana’s business team spreads from Silicon Valley to Japan covering North America and Europe.

Open Positions

At Instana, we process large amounts of data coming from tens of thousands of agents deployed by our customers. We are looking for operations engineers in Austin, Texas to join our globally distributed team with a desire to focus primarily on software delivery automation (packages, container images, maven, and virtual machines). An interest in helping us improve availability and quality of service, of our SaaS platform is also desired. You will maintain and enhance customer facing automation for agent software delivery, and deployment as well as automation and tooling for our on-premises product offering. A familiarity with Golang is desirable. Some of the tooling we utilize includes HashiCorp consul, nomad, terraform, and vault, chef, puppet, ansible etc. At Instana rapid delivery is a core culture value, this position is key to that value.e.
At Instana, we are building a monitoring solution that just works with whatever technology one might use. For our agent development team, we are looking for experienced engineers that know how to monitor stuff: programming languages, databases, container runtimes or alike. We develop an automatic call tracing solution with the lowest overhead in the market, for any programming language or runtime available. We automatically capture and analyze the relevant metrics every second. For the extra challenge: our software runs on tens of thousands of machines with all kinds of interesting edge cases. If you want to help us improving our agent, by expanding or improving language support or adding more sensors, then let us hear about that. We are a distributed team already, so you do not need to live in Germany to apply. While most of the focus of agent engineers is to get data in, we also expect that you help us process and present the data you captured.
At Instana we process large amounts of data coming from thousands of agents deployed by our customers. We are looking for engineers for our distributed team that want to help us improve the availability, performance and features of our stream processing pipeline and data storage. You will process incoming metric, trace and event data to make sense of it, index it for fast lookup, and analyze it for bad patterns. We also are building machine learning and neural networks to find and predict on problem patterns. You will not only be responsible for designing and implementing a great solution for new features, but also for making sure things keep on running in our high scale production SaaS environment.
At Instana we have the world's most modern user interface in the APM space. We combine usability optimized 3D and 2D visualizations with secondly realtime updates. We need help integrating many more great features while remaining extremely usable, fast and beautiful. If you are interested in taking up that challenge, we are eager to hear from you.

At Instana we want to provide an incredibly easy to use solution for a very technical problem. We need to present what we do to our users and document the technical necessities that come along with it. Our current is powered by Confluence, and we expect you to transfer the documentation our team has in their heads into a useful and nice product documentation.
If you are familiar with the monitoring space, that’s a plus.

Instana is looking to add a creative energetic Demand Generation Specialist to join our marketing team. With a global customer base and cutting edge technology, Instana is changing the way organizations manage their IT service quality. Our marketing and sales organizations are expanding, and the Demand Generation Specialist is a critical part of that growth. In this position, you will work with marketing and sales leadership to develop and execute lead generation programs, manage the top of the sales funnel and track the progress of programs.

Key Job Requirements

  • Develop and execute demand generation plans to support sales revenue goals
  • Fill the top of the sales funnel with new leads and nurture existing prospects to meet defined goals for quantities and conversion rates
  • Manage a range of marketing programs including webinars, retargeting, advertising, content syndication, PPC and other lead generation activities
  • Analyze and report on achievement of milestones and goals, identify pipeline bottlenecks, and develop improvement plans
  • Produce reports for marketing and company leadership on demand generation / funnel KPIs
  • Collaborate with other functional teams to develop execution plans that are consistent with all company goals

Key Skills / Experience For this Position

  • BA/BS degree, MBA preferred
  • At least 3 years of marketing experience
  • Experience with CRM and Marketing Automation Tools
  • Self-starter / motivator with ability to get things done
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Proficient in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Familiarity with Lead generation and lead nurturing programs
Instana provides a unique opportunity to develop professionally while helping to build a great technology company.
Sales / Business Development

Location: Remote (Anywhere in the world)

Position Description

Sales Development Representatives (SDR) are often the first interaction someone has with our company which is why the role is critical to the continued growth of Instana. The main objective of an SDR is to qualify and move leads into the sales funnel by setting up demos for the Account Executives and Solutions Architects.

The methods we use to source these leads are broken down into “inbound” and “outbound” lead generation. Inbound leads are contacts that have engaged with us through marketing activities such as requesting a demo/trial, downloading an eBook, or attending a webinar etc. Outbound means that we initiate the first touch point with buyer personas and ideal customer profiles (ICP) that have never engaged with Instana before.

SDRs are measured on achieving a specific number of qualified meetings  (weekly/monthly/quarterly), as well as other potential Management by Objectives (MBO).

The SDR role is an entry level role into the Instana sales organization and a great opportunity to advance your sales career. We are seeking intelligent, driven and high character people to join our team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A fundamental understanding of the sales process from the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) stage through to the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) stage
  • Become a champion at using our sales stack including HubSpot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Outreach, Nudge and other SDR tools
  • Adopt our best practices for sales development (inbound/outbound)
  • Follow up on MQLs and convert them into SQLs
  • Coordinate first meetings with Account Executives
  • Achieve weekly/monthly/quarterly goals

Skills and Experience Needed:

  • Effortlessly understand complex business requirements and how to articulate a compelling value proposition
  • Ability to identify customer pain
  • Ability to match pain with Instana’s solutions
  • Ability to qualify prospects
  • Experience with CRM and other sales automation tools
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and professionally with senior level executives
  • Passionate about speaking live with prospects
  • Ability to work in an agile environment with an ever-evolving product
  • Passionate about startup culture and directly impacting the growth of the company
  • Ability to match customer pain with Instana solution
  • Ability to meet/beat quota
  • Ability to collaborate with other remote team members

The Advantages of Working Remotely:

  • No Commute - Commuting is extremely stressful and takes up time that could otherwise be spent working or doing something else productive
  • Increased Productivity - Working from home can really help to boost your productivity. The absence of office distractions makes it easier to get your head down and actually concentrate on your day to day tasks helping to make your targets attainable
  • Flexibility - By giving our employees the trust and freedom to work remotely,  it helps to reduce absenteeism, increases productivity and enhances employee engagement and loyalty
  • Increased Talent Pool - To attract and retain a happy and productive workforce we are open-minded and adaptable. We want to hire the very best talent, regardless of  where you are based
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