Careers at Instana

Instana is taking application management to a new generation that DevOps teams can rely on and are excited about that simply assists teams with exact understanding.

Working at Instana

Made with Love

We are building a product that our customers love. We promote a healthy work-life balance, career growth, and a friendly office culture.

Engineered in Germany

Instana’s engineering team is based primarily in Germany, but we enjoy having team members all over the world.

Worldwide Business

Instana’s business team spreads from Silicon Valley to Japan covering North America and Europe.

Open Positions

At Instana, we process large amounts of data coming from thousands of agents deployed by our customers. We are looking for engineers for our distributed team that wish to help us improve the availability, quality of service, and the delivery of our SaaS and on premise product offerings. You will maintain and enhance automation for production, staging, and customer enviroments based on the HashiCorp tools stack as well as Chef and other tooling. You will also provide expertise required for the scaleout of Cassandra and Elasticsearch as our multi-region SaaS platform grows. At Instana rapid delivery is a core culture value, this position is key to that value.
At Instana, we are building a monitoring solution that just works with whatever technology one might use. For our agent development team, we are looking for experienced engineers that know how to monitor stuff: programming languages, databases, container runtimes or alike. We develop an automatic call tracing solution with the lowest overhead in the market, for any programming language or runtime available. We automatically capture and analyze the relevant metrics every second. For the extra challenge: our software runs on tens of thousands of machines with all kinds of interesting edge cases. If you want to help us improving our agent, by expanding or improving language support or adding more sensors, then let us hear about that. We are a distributed team already, so you do not need to live in Germany to apply. While most of the focus of agent engineers is to get data in, we also expect that you help us process and present the data you captured.
At Instana we process large amounts of data coming from thousands of agents deployed by our customers. We are looking for engineers for our distributed team that want to help us improve the availability, performance and features of our stream processing pipeline and data storage. You will process incoming metric, trace and event data to make sense of it, index it for fast lookup, and analyze it for bad patterns. We also are building machine learning and neural networks to find and predict on problem patterns. You will not only be responsible for designing and implementing a great solution for new features, but also for making sure things keep on running in our high scale production SaaS environment.
At Instana we have the world's most modern user interface in the APM space. We combine usability optimized 3D and 2D visualizations with secondly realtime updates. We need help integrating many more great features while remaining extremely usable, fast and beautiful. If you are interested in taking up that challenge, we are eager to hear from you.

At Instana we want to provide an incredibly easy to use solution for a very technical problem. We need to present what we do to our users and document the technical necessities that come along with it. Our current is powered by Confluence, and we expect you to transfer the documentation our team has in their heads into a useful and nice product documentation.
If you are familiar with the monitoring space, that’s a plus.

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