Go Beyond Data

Instana has a simple goal, make life easier for DevOps. DevOps teams have a hard problem! Keeping applications running perfectly is not an easy task in this world of agile development, continuous delivery, amazing scale and the ever increasing complexity of information systems architecture.

Application Performance Management (APM) has become a key element to achieving performance and availability of business-critical applications. Around 2005-2008, a second generation of APM tools were introduced built for monitoring service-oriented architectures (SOA), those products are usually referred to as APM 2.0.

Since their introduction, a lot has changed in IT: Cloud computing has become the new normal, mobile devices have decoupled, Internet of Things is changing everyday standard items and microservices and containers are changing the way applications are built. These changes are driving new needs and old tools will not easily re-invent themselves and fulfill them. A new APM paradigm is needed.

Our product vision: Auto Discover Everything, Realtime Data, No Configuration, No Impact on Applications, Prediction of Incidents and Exact Understanding, requires us to innovate every aspect of our solution. Every layer of our product; our Agent technology, our APM tracing technology, our compression technology, our streaming technology, our data storage technology, our knowledge learning & persistence technology, and finally our GUI technology is leveraging state of the art techniques and frameworks.

Instana is taking application management to a new generation that DevOps can rely on, is excited about, and simply assists teams with timely, exact understanding.