The Situation

Allbound offers a modern partner relationship management (PRM) solution. Their cloud-based platform is a complete ecosystem that simplifies channel management and increases partner
engagement. The company has grown rapidly, and in order to stay competitive, they had to develop additional features and make their product more scalable. To achieve these goals, they
focused on DevOps, but still needed a way to gain deep insight into their cloud infrastructure.

The Problem

  • With no way to monitor their applications and infrastructure, visibility was an afterthought
  • Lack of visibility beneath the surface was the Achilles Heel of Kubernetes

Instana to the Rescue

Reasons Allbound chose Instana:

  • Easy-to-read dashboards
  • Provides ability to measure customer experience in a quantitative way
  • Fully automated when it comes to setup, configuration, maintenance, and use

“I had never used Instana before I came to Allbound, and I was stunned by the level of insight the solution gave us into our cloud infrastructure.”-Kaushal Panjwani, Director of Engineering @ Allbound

The Impact

  • More visibility helps Allbound understand how components interact with one another
  • They can monitor customers’ pain points and proactively rectify any service degradation
  • Automation means everyone can work on improving visibility and rolling out updates

“Instana has given us the visibility we need to fine-tune our application and maximize resource usage of our cloud infrastructure. It has given us the confidence to push out a better product at a higher frequency and has helped us deliver on the promise of DevOps.”

Adopting DevOps and moving their platform to cloud-based Kubernetes infrastructure has transformed Allbound’s ability to innovate rapidly. But without the right application performance
monitoring, they’d be left in the dark. Not only are they now growing their user base and seamlessly extending their platform’s functionalities, but the entire team can sleep better at
night knowing Instana will address any problems that arise. Today, Allbound can control the chaos and stay competitive so their customers won’t have to look for solutions elsewhere.