Enento Group is one of the leading providers of digital business and consumer information services in the Nordics. By collecting and transforming data into intelligence and knowledge used in interactions between people, businesses, Enento Group empowers companies in their daily decision processes, as well as financial, sales, and marketing processes. Their mission is to create trust between businesses and people by safely handling customer and transactional data.

As DevOps and Cloud-Native become the standard for software delivery, many organizations in Financial Services are faced with an important decision: get on board, or get left behind. For Enento, this was an easy decision; innovation has long been the key to keeping their spot as the #1 credit information provider in the Nordics.

To meet the innovation demands, Enento needed to diverge from its legacy infrastructure. They began two related, but distinct, workstreams:

  1. Modernize their existing systems that were running on-prem with JBoss EAP
  2. Go Cloud-Native with containerized microservices running on Docker and OpenShift for all new services


Agile team. Agile code. Agile challenges.

With this shift in strategy, Enento’s Development and Operations teams were able to build and deploy their software at a faster pace. But because containerized environments introduce complexity, with more components and services than any team could keep track of, they needed to find a reliable way to maintain service quality.

“Our solutions are designed to enable decisions that move money. Many banks are dependent on our services for making credit decisions. If our service is down, consumers may not receive their credit decisions which have a real-life impact. So maintaining service quality is highly critical for us.” -Eero Arvonen, Strategic Architect

It was time for Enento to choose a tool that could monitor all of their applications in one place. As they began their search, Enento kept in mind that they needed to:

1) Quickly identify bugs

2) Improve their latency

3) Have real-time visibility into every service request (with no sampling)

They found that only one solution was able to offer them everything they needed — Instana.


Zero Configuration. Immediate Visibility


It all started by installing an agent, and everything was running.

“During the POC we were able to gain valuable insights right out of the box. I could see all the call chains being deconstructed onto a timeline, which was amazing!” – Eero Arvonen, Strategic Architect

Enento’s team was thrilled to have full visibility into their containers, but also just as excited to have so much of their time back.

“Within the first two days, I found out we had a lack of resources – somewhere I didn’t notice before. That’s why I was very impressed,” –  Jenni Huovinen, System Architect

To customize their experience, they began creating Application Perspectives to provide the teams with tailored views of specific services. Enento found value in this customized experience so that they were able to focus on the metrics that mattered most to them.



They also utilized Smart Alerts to be sent to the team’s various channels, so that they could attack problems as they occur, which helped increase uptime and enabled customers to utilize their services error-free.

“I don’t have to dig and troubleshoot and scratch my head so much. I get an alert and it’s easy to find out what it’s about because you can see the stack and you can trace steps back, view into the cluster, and know what’s happening inside. That’s been the biggest benefit.” – Jenni Huovinen, System Architect

Today, Instana enables Enento Group to meet and exceed SLAs and provide a reliable experience for their customers by providing the metrics that truly matter to their team, based on the goals they have set. Through Instana’s Custom Dashboards, Enento can customize its goals and SLAs in real-time. To support their goals of maintaining over 99.99% availability, teams have the visibility to make quick code changes, and to meet the evolving needs of their customers and the rapidly evolving FinTech industry.

“For our customers, this means better service. We are now able to produce new services at a faster schedule.” – Jenni Huovinen, System Architect