Immocloud is a new online solution that makes managing real estate more efficient by fully digitizing processes between tenants and landlords. Users of Immocloud are able to provide restricted access to tax and bank consultants, as well as a variety of other necessary landlord partners, such as cleaning services and maintenance. A variety of digital services are offered through Immocloud, including banking integrations, document management, as well as landlord-to-tenant communication tools.

Offering a robust range of services means there are many applications for the Engineering team to build and manage. Co-Founder and CTO, Henning Pautsch, knew his small team had a lot of work ahead of them and not a single second could be wasted. As Henning put it, “There are a lot of moving parts that add to the complexity of it all.”

As each segment of their service offerings came online, the team needed an observability solution for their containerized applications. It had to be affordable and void of setup headaches, unlike the solutions he used before.

“I’ve used Dynatrace in the past. It was really hard work to define the metrics you want to see. The solution was really expensive. This was not an option [for Immocloud]. We couldn’t spend hundreds of thousands per year on a solution. Also, we really didn’t like the UI.”

For Immocloud, it’s a “develop and deploy fast” cycle. They needed an observability tool that could handle many frequent releases and not require any hand-holding. “This is where Instana came in.” Pautsch’s team appreciated how quickly they were able to see their entire infrastructure within moments of setup, and how rapidly they were alerted to issues. They utilize custom dashboards and alerting to get a snapshot of all their important metrics in one spot. 

“We don’t have to think of it most of the time. Even with new services, we don’t have to think ‘what do we need there?’ We just run the Instana agents and they’re monitored.”

Instana has enabled the small team at Immocloud to quickly develop new products on a fast development cycle without any of the typical strains that come with implementing legacy monitoring technologies.

“Instana provides an out of the box working solution if you need health and performance monitoring running in a few seconds without many configurations.”


 To learn more about Immocloud, visit their website.