PathMotion is a cloud-based talent-acquisition and employer-branding platform that connects potential hires to employees within an organization. Applicants use the platform to learn more about a particular business and its corporate culture during the recruitment process. This creates a positive candidate experience that attracts the right talent.

The Challenge:

Needing to scale their operations to break into new markets, PathMotion’s observability journey began when modernizing and migrating from an on-prem, monolithic application to building and deploying microservices on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). PathMotion needed an equally modern observability and monitoring solution that could keep up with the newly-found velocity and complexity of containerized microservices.

“Having the ability to measure how well our microservices communicate, and understanding the performance of the connections between all components in our platform became vitally important.”  -Mehdi Mahfoudi, DevOps Engineer at PathMotion.

The Solution:

After looking at several application monitoring and observability vendors, PathMotion chose Instana for its ability to automatically visualize and monitor the performance of microservice architectures and software running on container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.

“Instana helped us identify underused resources in our Kubernetes clusters. Because we can see how our microservices interact, we have optimized our Kubernetes nodes and are only running the virtual machines we need to keep our production environment operating at peak performance.” -Mehdi Mahfoudi, DevOps Engineer at PathMotion


The Results:

PathMotion was able to eliminate about 10% of their Virtual Machines (VMs). The reduced number of nodes helps PathMotion deploy more resources elsewhere. Should they need more capacity, Instana provides a warning if resources are being strained, allowing them to spin up new services in GCP within seconds.

Freed of the need to continually maintain their GCP infrastructure, PathMotion can devote more time to improving their CI/CD pipelines. They can now focus on giving developers the tools they need to accelerate the development and deployment of patches, performance improvements, and new PathMotion features. This gets them excited about their work, and they’re more eager to flex their skills for the benefit of the company.