Build Custom Dashboards

Note: Our custom dashboards feature is currently in open beta.

While Instana provides curated dashboards to support common use-cases and remove the necessity for custom dashboards, there are situations where a custom dashboard is the right tool for the job.

There are three custom dashboarding options with Instana:

  1. Leverage our Grafana plugin when you'd like to combine Instana data with other data sources, or if you have advanced dashboarding needs.
  2. Query our Web REST API and build dashboards in the tool of your choice for complete flexibility.
  3. Build native custom dashboards from directly within Instana (read on.)

Native Custom Dashboard

Create a Custom Dashboard

To create a custom dashboard, simply navigate to the landing page and click on the "Instana" dropdown, then give the dashboard a name. The best names are easy to remember and if you plan to share it, carry meaning to others in your organization.

This dashboard will by default only be accessible to you, but you may choose to share it with others later.

Create a Custom Dashboard

Adding Widgets

Select and configure the widget and place it freely on your dashboard. We are constantly adding new widget types.

Add Widget

Choose the Data

All your high-cardinality data and the underlying correlation (leveraging the Dynamic Graph) is also available to you within custom dashboarding. Select a data source, then specify a filter, and you're on your way.

Compare to the Past

To compare widgets to past timeframes, we provide a Time Shift functionality as can be seen in the image above.

Make It Your Landing Page

If there is a custom dashboard you view frequently, you may want to make it your default dashboard. That way, every time you visit Instana it will be the first thing you see. This is a per-user preference, so don't worry – it will not affect your colleagues.

Share a Dashboard

To make your dashboard accessible to others, simply specify it as a public dashboard. You may also add others as editors, but otherwise it will remain view-only.

Share a Custom Dashboard

Display on a Big Screen

Select TV Mode if you want to display the dashboard on a big screen or TV. We hide the main navigation and header for an optimal large-format viewing experience.

TV Mode