Monitoring Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

To provide visibility and insights of Google Cloud Platform cloud based environments, you can install a host agent to automatically discover and monitors GCP services by:

  • Providing realtime insights into metadata, configuration, metrics
  • Watch the health of each service and alert on issues


Monitored Services


The Instana Google Cloud integration uses Service Accounts to create an API connection between Google Cloud and Instana. Below are instructions for creating the service account and providing Instana the service account credentials to begin making API calls on your behalf.

  1. Navigate to Google Cloud credentials page for the Google Cloud project you would like to setup the Instana integration.
  2. Press Create credentials and then select Service account key SelectServiceAccount
  3. In the Service account dropdown, select New service account
  4. Give the service account a unique name
  5. Choose a role or create a custom one which contains at least the following permissions:

    • monitoring.timeSeries.list
    • pubsub.subscriptions.list
    • pubsub.topics.list
    • resourcemanager.projects.get
    • cloudsql.instances.list
    • storage.buckets.list
  6. Select JSON as the key type, and press create
  7. Take note where this file is saved, as it is needed to complete the integration
  8. Add a field to the configuration.yml pointing to the credentials file. Examples of this configuration are provided in the setup for each monitored service.

In order to monitor project(s), the following services need to be enabled: