Configuring LogDNA Log Integration

To configure the LogDNA log integration, select "Settings → Log Management → LogDNA".

LogDNA Form

By default, the LogDNA log integration is disabled. To enable, set the toggle to show LogDNA link on Hosts.

LogDNA Toggle

We support two providers: LogDNA SaaS and IBM Cloud Log Analysis. Select one provider in the drop-down list and enter the following mandatory parameter depending on your provider:

Provider Parameter Description Example
LogDNA SaaS LogDNA Account ID ID of your LogDNA account https://app.logdna.com/0b5f7cw65/ where 0b5f7cw65 is the Account ID
IBM Cloud Log Analysis Log Analysis Dashboard ID Dashboard ID of your IBM Cloud Log Analysis dashboard https://cloud.ibm.com/observe/embedded-view/logging/9b77b597-81a3-4ac4-b533-3bc283018574 where 9b77b597-81a3-4ac4-b533-3bc283018574 is the Dashboard ID

LogDNA accountId

Accessing LogDNA

To access LogDNA, click LogDNA which is located at the top left of the host dashboard:

LogDNA Button

If there are multiple log integrations enabled, click Go to LogsLogDNA:

LogDNA Buttons