Monitoring WebSphere AS

Supported versions

Confirmed support for metrics and configuration data for versions: 7, 8.5 and 9.

Metrics collection

Configuration data

  • Process ID
  • Version
  • Node Name
  • Server Name
  • Cell Name
  • State
  • Thread Pool

    • Min Threads
    • Max Threads
    • Inactivity Timeout
    • Growable
  • Apps

    • Name
    • Start Time
  • Datasources

    • Name
    • Min Connections
    • Max Connections
    • Connection Timeout

Performance metrics

Metric Description
Active Threads The number of active threads in the Web Container Thread Pool
Pool Size Size of the Web Container Thread Pool
Sessions The number of sessions for web module
Servlet Requests The number of servlet requests for web module
Response Times Servlets average response time for web module
Servlet Errors The number of servlet errors for web module
Pool Size Datasource pool size
Free Connections The number of free connections in pool
Threads Waiting The number of threads waiting for connection
Waiting time Average waiting time

Health Signatures

For each sensor, there is a curated knowledgebase of health signatures that are evaluated continuously against the incoming metrics and are used to raise issues or incidents depending on user impact.

Built-in events trigger issues or incidents based on failing health signatures on entities, and custom events trigger issues or incidents based on the thresholds of an individual metric of any given entity.

For information about built-events for the WebSphere AS sensor, see the Built-in events reference.