Pipeline Feedback Integrations

The following sections explain how to integrate Pipeline Feedback Release markers with your CI/CD pipeline.

Releases API

Our Releases API provides endpoints to create, read, update, and delete a release. In the following example, a curl command is used to create a new release named My First Release at the given point in time (as UNIX timestamp in milliseconds):

curl --location --request POST "{{base}}/api/releases" \
  --header "Authorization: apiToken {{apiToken}}" \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data "{
	\"name\": \"My First Release\",
	\"start\": 1565610536335

Please note:

  • The used API Token requires the permission "Configuration of releases".
  • A release has no scope and is therefore globally applied to the whole monitored system.

Instana Pipeline Feedback Integration for Jenkins

Alternatively, we offer a Jenkins plugin to allow a smoother integration with your existing CI/CD tooling. The plugin and further information can be found on GitHub.

Pipeline Feedback for BOSH Deployments

Note: The Instana Microservices Application Monitoring for Pivotal Platform tile version 1.166.1 and above is required to access this functionality.

Important: The status of the Pipeline Feedback functionality is currently experimental. In foundations with many service instances, each of which usually has a a dedicated BOSH deployment, it may become a bit too chatty. Let us know what you think of it!

The Instana tile automatically detects BOSH deployments running across the Pivotal Platform foundation, and as part of the Pipeline Feedback functionality within Instana, these deployments are reported as releases.

For more information, see our Pipeline Feedback documentation.

To opt-in to the "Pipeline Feedback for BOSH deployments" feature, activate the Agent automatic configurations > [Experimental] Pipeline Feedback for BOSH option within the Instana tile configurations in OpsManager.

Make sure to configure the following settings correctly:

  • Backend connection > API endpoint URL: must point to your tenant unit in Instana.
  • Backend connection > API token: requires an API token with, at least, the Configuration of releases permission. For more information, see our API Tokens documentation.

To roll out the change, select Apply Changes in OpsManager for the VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs -- formerly known as Pivotal Application Service (PAS) -- or VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid -- formerly known as Pivotal Container Service (PKS) -- tile.

Instana Pipeline Feedback Integration for GitHub Actions

Taimos has built a integration for GitHub actions.

Harness Continuous Verification Integration

Harness has built Continuous Verification integration with Instana to monitor your deployments and production applications.