Configure Profiling

This section explains how to configure Instana AutoProfile™.


Supported JVMs

  • Amazon Corretto
  • Azul Zulu
  • OpenJDK
  • AdoptOpenJDK
  • Oracle HotSpot
  • Sun HotSpot

Supported HotSpot JVM version: 1.8.152 and higher. Supported Operating System: Currently only supported on 64bit Linux.


To enable profiling, edit the agent configuration file <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yaml:
  enabled: true

Additional configuration options

Parameter Description
cpu-sampler-enabled When set to true, enables CPU profiles.
contention-sampler-enabled When set to true, enables contention profiles.


To enable AutoProfile™, add autoProfile: true option when initializing the collector (or set the environment variable INSTANA_AUTO_PROFILE=true). This feature requires @instana/[email protected] or later and at least Node.js 6.4.0.

  autoProfile: true

See Node.js Collector Configuration for more information.


To enable AutoProfile™ add EnableAutoProfile: true option to instana.InitSensor(opt).

See Go Configuration for more information.