Configure Profiling

This section explains how to configure Instana AutoProfile™.


Supported JVMs

AutoProfile is currently supported for these HotSpot based distributions:

  • Amazon Corretto
  • Azul Zulu
  • OpenJDK
  • AdoptOpenJDK
  • Oracle HotSpot
  • Sun HotSpot

Supported HotSpot JVM versions are 1.8.152 and higher.

At the moment AutoProfile is only supported on 64 bit Linux (glibc and musl based) as well as 32/64 bit MacOs (non Apple Silicon / M1)


To enable profiling, edit the agent configuration file <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yaml:
  enabled: true

Additional configuration options

Parameter Description
cpu-sampler-enabled When set to true, enables CPU profiles.
contention-sampler-enabled When set to true, enables contention profiles.


  • Cannot load JVM TI agent library: /tmp/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. For JVMs running in Apline images, the profiler expects musl libc to be available. For cases, where glibc is also installed for compatibility reasons, please make sure the path to the musl versions of the libraries is not overwritten or broken.


To enable AutoProfile™, add autoProfile: true option when initializing the collector (or set the environment variable INSTANA_AUTO_PROFILE=true). This feature requires @instana/[email protected] or later and at least Node.js 6.4.0.

  autoProfile: true

See Node.js Collector Configuration for more information.


To enable AutoProfile™ add EnableAutoProfile: true option to instana.InitSensor(opt) (or set the environment variable INSTANA_AUTO_PROFILE=true for[email protected] and above). This feature requires Instana sensor to be activated inside the app code. Please refer to the minimal instrumentation guide to learn how this can be done.

See Go Configuration for more information.


To enable AutoProfile™ set the environment variable INSTANA_AUTOPROFILE=true. This feature requires the Instana Python sensor to be activated inside the app code. Please refer to Manual Installation to learn how this can be done.

See Python Configuration for more information.


To enable AutoProfile™ add the following to your agent's configuration.yml

  enabled: true