Build 136

19 April 2018


AWS DynamoDB

Instana now automatically discovers and monitors AWS DynamoDB. Read more about our AWS support


We've also extended AWS support to AWS ELB. Read more on our AWS support

HashiCorp Consul Service Discovery

We've added monitoring for the Consul service discovery. Read more on our Consul docs


Instana also now monitors Couchbase. Read more on our Couchbase docs

Node.js v9 Support

Instana now supports Node.js versions 9.1.0 and above. See our Node.js docs for details.

Java 10 (and experimental 11) Support

Instana now supports Java 10. See our JVM docs for details. Support for Java 11 is experimental as it is still in development and contains significant changes for Java Agents like Instana.

JVM Deadlock detection

Instana applies a low overhead deadlock detection. Should we see the same threads blocked over a longer period, we will check if they are deadlocked and report this as an issue on the JVM.

JBoss EJB monitoring

Instana now monitors deployed Session Beans and their pool usage on JBoss/Wildfly Application Servers.


  • lots of Agent performance improvements for reduced CPU and IO usage.
  • The JVM name can now be used for service mapping, see Service Management.
  • Container Processes will now include their container name and in-container PID in the sidebar
  • Improved network communication between PHP sensor and PHP tracing extension
  • Node.js Sensor: Add tracing support for mysql2/promise
  • Python Sensor: Avoid pre-emptively loading Django middleware
  • Python Sensor: Improved thread metrics
  • Python Sensor: Standardize on INSTANA_AGENT_HOST environment variable; Deprecate INSTANA_AGENT_IP
  • Python Sensor: Unify Django middleware for multiple versions into one
  • Improved tracing support for Play 2.6, Scala Executors and Akka Fork Join Pool
  • Supports tracing of DB calls made by Scala Slick framework
  • Supports now tracing of Mongo 3.6 Java driver
  • Added tracing for Java Couchbase client
  • MsSQL Services are now mapped to the servers they are running on
  • SQL Statements made throuigh Java Glassfish 4 wrappers are now traced correctly
  • Improved naming of CLR processes
  • Speed up Java Tracing instrumentation
  • HA Proxy Sensor now supports metrics for multi process configurations
  • Host Sensor allows exclusion of file systems (for example if they are known to be full)
  • PostgreSQL Sensor now supports servers runnign without a configured listen_address
  • Agent Windows Offline Installer (64bit) can now be downloaded from the User Management Portal


  • Python Sensor: Django: Support old-style MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in Django <2.0
  • Node.js Sensor: ioRedis instrumentation can lead to errors when async correlation doesn't work as expected
  • PHP Tracing: traces will no longer map to wrong service when multiple PHP containers run on the same host
  • PHP-FPM: fixed a rare condition where the sensor would stall the agent
  • PHP companion sidebars will no longer render when empty
  • Ruby Sensor: Improved logging levels
  • Ruby Sensor: Fix issue that affected loading Rails console on OSX
  • Spark Sensor: Could collect incorrect data about completed stages when stages complete during calculation
  • In rare circumstances Java tracing could trigger a JVM crash when log4j 1 logging was used. This should not longer happen.
  • HA Proxy sensor now works even with excessive usage of whitspaces in HA Proxy config file.
  • If the agent is started on a system with high load and significant traffic to Nodjs/Python/Ruby apps, the agent could fail to startup correctly. This has been resolved.