Build 154



New Kubernetes Support

Beginning with this release we are rolling out our new version of the Kubernetes support. See Kubernetes for details.

New Python Tornado Instrumentation

With the latest Python package release (1.11.0), we now automatically instrument your Tornado applications. Please see the Python documentation for details.

Python Tornado Trace Detail


  • The website monitoring JavaScript agent will now batch beacon transmissions for a short amount of time. This is done to more efficiently transfer data when HTTP/2 or keep-alive isn't possible.
  • The JavaScript agent's snippet now protects against accidentally duplicated inclusions on websites.
  • We will now apply SameSite=Lax cookie restrictions for increased security.
  • HAProxy sensor: Improve stability when encountering a large number of metrics.
  • WebLogic sensor: Improve stability when encountering a large number of metrics.
  • Built-in events: We improved the algorithms of built-in sudden drop/increase events in case of sparse input data.
  • Maintenance windows: Improve user experience by explicitly mentioning the timezone depending on the user's configuration.
  • Go Sensor: Update tests, docs and examples to use new repo name: go-sensor
  • Python Sensor: Improve JSON spans: Unify common elements
  • Ruby Sensor: Expand Legacy support for ffi, oj and sys-proctable
  • Ruby Sensor: Pass OJ options in to dump/load calls instead of setting them as default
  • AWS Sensors: Applied exponential backoff strategy for metrics gathering


  • The website monitoring JavaScript agent's XMLHttpRequest instrumentation was changed so that it is compatible with more third-party trackers.
  • Go Sensor: Remove a code branch that is never followed in the Go Tracing Adapter
  • Python Sensor: Update aiohttp client error reporting