Build 159



AWS Elastic MapReduce (AWS EMR)

New discovery and monitoring of AWS Elastic MapReduce (AWS EMR). See more information here.

Linux Containers (LXC)

Instana now supports discovery and monitoring of Linux Containers (LXC). See more information here.

LXC dashboard

Windows services

New monitoring of Windows Services and its child processes. How to add services to be monitored is described here.


  • Setting an initial page name while the page is loading will no longer trigger a page transition beacon.
  • Custom Events: The maximum time-window of the selected metric has been increased from 10 minutes to 2 hours.
  • AWS services discovery filtering based on tags. See more information here.
  • Opening an infrastructure dashboard in live mode is now as fast as opening it in non-live mode
  • Redis: New health rule to detect when slave node can't connect to master node


  • PHP Trace Sensor: properly resolve _default_ host names in Apache configs to the host IP address
  • PHP Trace Sensor: performance improvements when parsing Sql queries
  • Dynamic Focus: fixes a potential bug that a DFQ containing an application/service/endpoint term (e.g. could contain results from other entities outside of the defined scope which are running on the same host.