Build 160



Micrometer custom metrics health events

  • Instana now supports health events based on Micrometer custom metrics.
  • For existing Grafana dashboards using Micrometer builtin metrics - please switch to Infrastructure custom metrics in order to retain dashboard functionality.

Solr cloud

  • Instana now supports discovery and monitoring of Solr cloud. Read more.


  • Activity timelines within the website monitoring page load view will now adjust end-user timestamps when the end-user timestamp combinations are impossible, e.g. activity before the page is even loaded.
  • Sudden drop detection: improved the detector to not create false positives in case the Application, Service or Endpoint receives periodic infrequent calls.
  • It is now possible to link multiple Kubernetes services to multiple logical Instana services. See Kubernetes for more details.


  • Alerting: alerts for an Incident don't create a redundant alert for the underlying Issue anymore that triggered this Incident.
  • Kubernetes Cluster ComponentStatuses: Sometimes Kubernetes reports wrong health status for components. This results in incorrect issues + alerts. We are now trying to filter out these ComponentStatuses from creating incorrect alerts. For more information see Kubernetes Health Rules.
  • Application Perspectives: Fix possible linking to infrastructure for SDK spans.
  • Application Perspectives: unmonitored destinations (e.g. databases) that are called by their Kubernetes Pod IP are now linked to infrastructure.