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URL Shortener

Instana supports deep linking to complicated view configurations, e.g. to the analyze views. While this means that it is easy to share / bookmark points in the Instana user interface, it also means that these deep links need to encode a lot of information and can therefore be quite long. It can be disrupting in communication tools to paste these long links. In order to reduce disruptions we now offer the option to generate short URLs.

The short URL dialog is shown when using the go to address bar shortcut in your browser, i.e. CMD+L on MAC and CTRL+L on Windows and Linux.

URL shortener prompt shown when using the address bar shortcut


Instana now supports monitoring Spark applications running on AWS EMR. See more information here.


  • Support messaging spans coming from Instana Trace SDK, Jaeger or Zipkin and transform them into calls of type MESSAGING.
  • Improve PHP wordpress and error spans labels using action and error message.
  • Add service mapping for CockroachDB.
  • PHP Tracer 1.4: SDK now allows setting of a Service name
  • PHP Tracer 1.4: now supports Couchbase
  • PHP Tracer 1.4: Instrumentation for Predis and PHPRedis now collect method arguments
  • The user interface no longer forces phones and tablets into responsive modes and therefore results in a more usable mobile experience.
  • Filter boxes on top of tables responded in unexpected ways to user input. This is now fixed.
  • The user interface now loads slightly faster.
  • Typeahead and autocompletion components were reworked to cope with large amounts of data.
  • Add service mapping rule for Cockroach DB.
  • Users are now enabled to have more control over their privacy preferences thanks to a finer range of settings. Furthermore, users can decide to participate in the User Testing Group to help Instana improving the product.
  • Improvements to settings page: Users can now select more than one application when scoping the Custom events, Alert configurations or Maintenance windows in the "Application Perspective". The new "Application Perspective" scope is similar to using the Dynamic Focus query "". If more than one application is selected in the new "Application Perspective" scope, then an OR operator is used between the Dynamic Focus queries.


  • PHP Trace Sensor 1.1.4: no longer duplicates tracer configuration when writing to php.ini
  • Deep links to trace and call analytics are now less likely to be mangled into unusable links by chat tools.
  • Custom Events API: values for time-window and grace-period are now restricted to options that are offered in the UI.
  • Unmonitored Hosts removed: With more users transitioning to containers we have received many questions of the accuracy of Unmonitored Hosts in the Infrastructure Map. As this functionality relies on inaccurate and incomplete data we have decided to remove it. Instead, we advise users to use the services dependency map which gives a precise view based of the unmonitored services and the underlying infrastructure.