Build 163



Humio Logging

Configure your Humio Instance and see a direct link to your logs from views in Instana. For configuration details, see Humio.

Kubernetes CPU and Memory Usage

You can now view CPU and memory usage for Kubernetes Namespaces, Deployments, Services, Nodes and Pods. The usage is calculated from the containers that are running as part of these resources. The usage is displayed alongside the total resource requests and limits and can help gain insights into how well-specified your limits and requests are.

Improved Call Details

Enhanced Call Details now help to clarify the structure of calls further by providing additional insights into the spans of each call - such as which span the errors belong to and the infrastructure relating to the span. Improved Call Details


  • Instana works with Istio 1.2+ out of the box. If it doesn't, please consult Kubernetes > Istio for additional configuration.
  • The Instana Agent helm chart now supports the enablement of a PodSecurityPolicy. Users can specify their own, or have the helm chart create one. For users that install the Instana Agent using instana-agent.yaml, please see the Instana docs instead.
  • Improved the reliability of the alerting of incidents in situations where there are extreme spikes in change or presence events.
  • S3 sensor: buckets now have an identifier of whether the bucket is public.
  • EBS sensor: optimized number of describeVolumes call towards EC2 API.


  • JBoss Sensor: Prevent change events firing when metrics change.
  • Change events: Sometimes partial data received by sensors got incorrectly merged, leading to very short (typically 1 sec) interruptions and "change events". This is fixed and change events are only created when data gets updated.
  • Custom Events API: Values for time-window and grace-period are only restricted to any full second value in the valid range.
  • Mule Sensor: Added support for Application stats for older Mule versions.
  • Varnish Sensor: Absolute paths in includes are now correctly handled.