Build 164



  • We've introduced "Starts With" and "Ends With" operators for use in Analyze and the Application Perspective creation dialogue.
  • Exclude specific website data from being transmitted to Instana using the ignoreUrls API:

    • additionally suppresses any data transmission when the document URL matches one of the regular expressions, and
    • suppresses data transmission for resources when the resource URL matches one of the regular expressions while
    • continuing to suppress data transmission for XMLHttpRequest and fetch requests when the called URL matches one of the regular expressions.

Splunk Logging

Configure your Splunk Instance and see a direct link to your logs from views in Instana. For configuration details, see Splunk.


  • If the root call of a trace correlates with EUM information, the relevant information is now displayed in the Call Details.
  • You can now search for for all aws services that run in a specific AWS account.


  • Alerts: container-specific labels were missing in alert notifications for container entities, such as Docker.
  • Analyze: merged the call.technologies and tags to technology.
  • Renamed the Cloud Foundry tags from cf.XXX to cloudfoundry.XXX.


  • Dynamic Focus: Queries with a leading wildcard in the default context without a specified keyword, for example, *server, are not supported anymore as they lead to poor performance. However, when specifying a keyword, leading wildcard queries are still supported, for example,*server.
  • We are deprecating support for the extensions/v1beta1 and apps/v1beta2 API versions for DaemonSet, Deployment, and ReplicaSet in our Kubernetes Sensor, following the announcement from Kubernetes that these deprecated API versions will soon be removed in Kubernetes v1.16. Please update to our latest helm chart, Kubernetes agent YAML or OpenShift agent YAML.