Build 168



CRI-O container runtime

Instana now supports monitoring CRI-O containers. For more information, see the CRI-O docs.

VMWare vSphere

Instana now supports monitoring vSphere clusters, ESXi hosts and virtual machines. For more information, see the vSphere docs.

Cloud Foundry: Service navigation

From any Cloud Foundry application dashboard, it is now possible to navigate to the services powered by it.

Application Perspectives: Custom events for Inbound and All Calls

Custom events for Application Perspective can now be created for either 'Inbound Calls' or 'All Calls' metrics. Built-in rules remain unchanged.

New built-in events for RabbitMQ

  • Disk free alarm: when free disk space drops below the configured limit, an event is fired.
  • Socket usage rate: when 90% and 95% of available sockets are used, new "Warning" and "Critical" events are fired respectively.


  • Various runtimes: search keywords and analysis tags have been added for filtering, e.g. Crystal, Haskell, .Net Core, Python, and Ruby on both the application name or version. They follow the generic format of <runtime> and <runtime>.version, exposed for searching your infrastructure entities, traces, and calls.
  • OracleDB sensor: configurable poll rate is now available.
  • Inbound calls: instead of two filters on (source and destination), go to Unbounded Analytics with a more straightforward inbound calls filter named call.inbound_of_application.
  • Inbound calls: configure applications with a default scope to display only the inbound calls or all calls. This also affects the default alerting on applications; those KPI's are selected corresponding to the chosen scope.
  • Unbounded Analytics: internal calls and synthetic calls are hidden by default in the Calls & Traces Analytics. To include them in the query, add the include_internal=true and include_synthetic=true tag filters. On the filter bar, a "Hidden Calls" filter is also available.
  • On the infrastructure tab of application perspective dashboards (application/service/endpoint), Lambda infrastructure items now have additional links to the Lambda function version, the Lambda function, and the region.
  • Custom events: more options have been added to the grace period values.
  • AWS Lambda sensor: by default, Instana monitors the five most recent versions of each Lambda function individually. In the case that the feature has been disabled explicitly via configuration or the required IAM permission is missing, Instana falls back to aggregating the metrics for all versions.
  • Support for tracing PHP 7.4
  • PHP Tracer 1.5 traces Symfony and Twig.
  • PHP Tracer 1.5 displays total compile time.
  • PHP Tracer 1.5 displays memcached result codes and messages.
  • PHP Tracer 1.5 supports tracing Pipelining and Transaction in Predis.
  • PHP Tracer 1.5 traces exit codes in shell calls.
  • Link database calls to AWS RDS instances.
  • Custom service mapping: can now be used.
  • Pipeline Feedback: Only one Release notification displays at a time.
  • Built-in disk space detector: improved algorithms to reduce false positives for short-term up to 1h in advance capacity warning.
  • Kafka sensor: added Broker topic metrics monitoring, metrics gathering improvements based on Kafka version, Cluster metrics. Broker dashboards improved. Cluster dashboard appearance and positioning improved.
  • RabbitMQ Sensor: added File system and Socket descriptor usage.


  • Event details: for some events, the window-size of the time-window/rollup used by the Built-in Events or Custom Events was not included in the timeframe shown by the chart. The used timeframe is now consistently [start - windowSize, end]. The Analyze button of an event also uses the same timeframe.
  • Change and presence events do not have a duration anymore.
  • When tracing ElasticSearch, PHP Tracer 1.5 no longer changes result counts.
  • A race condition in PHP-FPM sensor caused snapshot information to be missing in dashboards.
  • Creating an Application Perspective with the aws.arn tag.
  • Improved the startup for the SAP Hana sensor.
  • Memcached Sensor: the correct value for used bytes is now displayed.