Build 170



  • Support for Prometheus alerting
  • Coralogix log integration
  • Faas tags like function name and version are now available on source and destination for each call. This can be used in AP configuration as well as in Unbounded Analytics. Also, the following AWS services now have an ARN field included:

    • Beanstalk
    • DynamoDB
    • EBS
    • EC
    • ELB
    • EMR
    • ES
    • Kinesis
    • Lambda
    • MQ
    • RDS
    • S3
    • SQS
  • [Node.js] Support for Apigee Microgateway (edgemicro).
  • [Node.js] Support for older Winston versions (<= 2.x) and express-winston.
  • [Node.js] Support for pg-native.
  • When downloading the details of a Trace into a JSON file, we have re-ordered some fields for readability and added additional fields such as the span's "parentId".

Jump to Analytics from Application Dashboards

In Application, Service and Endpoint dashboards, we have added a new feature that will help you get started with Analyzing calls show in your dashboards. highlight contextmenu

Tibco EMS

Instana now supports monitoring Tibco EMS. For more information, see the Tibco EMS docs.