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Instana Smart Alerts

Instana Smart Alerts is a new intelligent alerting capability that allows you to receive alerts automatically tailored for an arbitrary subset of the web site traffic. The alerts are derived from out-of-the-box alert blueprints such as website slowness, JavaScript errors, and HTTP status codes. For detailed information, see our Instana Smart Alerts docs.

Instana AutoProfile™ for JVM (open Beta)

Instana AutoProfile™ is a new continuous production profiling capability that allows you to capture profiles from your running JVM automatically. The collected profiles can be used to identify hot spot methods, problems with locked threads. For detailed information, see our Instana AutoProfile™ docs.

Cloud Foundry

  • Added Instana service to PCF Application mapping.
  • Added a health event which triggers if the required number of PCF Application instances changes more then three times in the past five minutes.


  • Instana now supports monitoring of Kafka clients (consumers/producers) which are part of Java applications. For detailed information, see our Kafka docs.
  • Added aggregated values for topic metrics on the cluster level.

Nvidia GPU Monitoring

Instana now supports monitoring of various Nvidia Tesla, Quadro, and GeForce graphics cards. For detailed information, see our Host docs.

Humio logging integration

Configure your Humio dashboards and navigate to Instana entities directly from your logs. See more information, see our Humio docs.


  • Kubernetes 1.16 support.

Applications and services dashboards

  • Now referring to erroneous calls as "Erroneous Calls" rather than "Errors".
  • Added "Erroneous Calls" metric to show the number of erroneous calls. Previously, erroneous calls were shown as "Erroneous Call Rate".
  • Added vSphere tags for Datacenter, Host, VM name, and VM state.
  • Added tags for GPU model and the number of GPUs running in the Host.


  • Trace Sensor 1.1.18: fixed JSON detection when also using ext/memcached.
  • Trace Sensor 1.1.19: fixed bug that prevented connections to Apache.
  • Tracer 1.6: more fine-grained error detection on ext/memcached spans.
  • Tracer 1.6: instrument delete and flush operations in ext/memcached.
  • Tracer 1.6: capture connection details from .ini in ext/mysqli.
  • Tracer 1.6: support getting a connection from Predis Cluster.
  • UI: PHP spans now renders script names and arguments.