Build 172



Cloud Foundry

  • Support for Pivotal Isolation Segments.
  • The instance identifier is now available for Cloud Foundry application instances. The instance identifier is displayed on the Cloud Foundry application dashboard, the Garden container dashboard sidebar, and the container infrastructure view.

ELK Logging Integration

Configure your ELK Instance and see a direct link to your logs from views in Instana. For configuration details, see our ELK docs.


A list of Red Hat/CentOS packages installed on host can now be extracted once a day. For more information, see our Host docs.

Custom Service Rule

A custom service rule could be used only to override the default service rules. Now with the introduction of the service.default_name tag, a custom service rule can also be used to extend service default rules with additional tags.

For example, to separate your production and test services based on the host zone, create the custom service rule using the service.default_name and tags.


  • Fixed missing root call in traces started from XHR requests.