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Applications, services and endpoints dashboards

The "Infrastructure Issues & Changes" chart replaced the "Top Traces" widget on the dashboard "Summary" tab. The new chart can help you find correlations between infrastructure issues or changes and application metric changes, e.g. increase of "Erroneous Call Rate" or "Latency". For more information, see the Infrastructure Issues & Changes docs.

Infrastructure Issues & Changes chart

The "Latency Distribution" Chart now gives you the possibility to jump directly to Unbounded Analytics with filters already selected for the timebucket you click.

Clickable Latency Distribution Chart

Native AWS Lambda Tracing for Python

In addition to the existing Node.js support, Instana now offers automatic tracing of AWS Lambda functions built in Python. Instana's native tracing of AWS Lambda functions provides large advantages over X-Ray based tracing:

  • The execution of Lambda functions seamlessly correlates with tracing of other monitored components: Calls from Hosts processes to Serverless and back are now linked, correlated and analyzed as such with no additional steps required.
  • Instana provides rich performance analysis between specific versions of the same AWS Lambda function. Compare and contrast performance of various versions of your Lambda functions.
  • Reduces Cost/Lower AWS Bills: Completely eliminates the need of pulling costly X-Ray data from AWS.
  • Provides automatic and deep trace visibility into the activities of your Lambda functions. A big improvement over the limited and very manual X-Ray alternative.

New built-in metric for Kubernetes Deployment and OpenShift DeploymentConfig

We added a new built-in metric for Deployment and DeploymentConfig, Available to Desired Percentage, that allows you to create a custom event based on a percentage value of the ratio of available to desired replicas if the existing built-in event Available replicas is less than desired replicas for Deployment or DeploymentConfig does not meet your needs.


  • The "Process Top List" on the host overview page shows the percentages aligned to the number of CPUs.
  • The event detail page of CPU usage events shows the "Process Top List" if a host is involved.
  • OpenShift 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 support.
  • Our website monitoring JavaScript agent now ignores Angular specific user timings by default.


  • Website Smart Alerts: Fixed infinite loading indication of the chart in case there is no underlying data.
  • PHP-FPM sensor 1.1.59: add support for bracketed ipv v6 addresses
  • PHP-FPM sensor 1.1.59: prevent connections to unreachable FPMs
  • PHP-FPM sensor 1.1.59: add support for --fpm-config and other long arguments