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Mobile App Monitoring: Open Beta

We're thrilled to open our Mobile EUM beta to all customers. To get started, head over to the Mobile App Monitoring docs.

Kubernetes Operator for the Instana Agent

Instana now provides a Kubernetes operator that installs the Instana Agent in addition to the Helm chart and YAML file options. For more information, please visit the Kubernetes docs or the OpenShift docs

Custom Events for Dynamic Built-in Metrics

Custom Events on dynamic built-in metrics can now be defined within Instana: e.g. "Garbage Collection on JVM" or "available disk space on any host".

Further information can be found in the Define Custom Events docs.

Automatic detection of synthetic calls from AWS Application Load Balancer

Instana will automatically mark calls resulting from an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (Classic or Application Load Balancer) checks as synthetic if you instruct the host agent to collect the User-Agent HTTP header via a custom HTTP header configuration or, in case of AWS Lambda functions, via the equivalent configuration.


  • Context Guide: Upstream / Downstream now available on Kubernetes Dashboards.
  • DB2 Sensor: Support for various encrypted security mechanisms
  • Unbounded Analytics : Tag call.http.status can now operate on numbers. Numeric operators like <, <=, >, >= can now be used when filtering by call.http.status.


  • CRI-O Sensor: Fixed getting throttling and block IO metrics
  • OracleDB Sensor: Improved reading sensor poll rate configuration