Build 179



  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is now GA! Please consult the documentation for full information.
  • GraphQL operation names and types are now captured in our website monitoring when using apollo-link-http.


  • Improved contrast of dashboards and cards with new styling.
  • Chart metric axis are now condensed so they only show the maximum value rounded up to the next good consumable value.
  • Chart time axis are improved in a way the intervals are always readable.
  • Improved long-term disk space detection: improved trend estimation and reduced chance that the issue is created after the metric actually stagnated already.
  • The event.severity query keyword does now interpret the values "warning" and "critical" in DFQ for more convenience.

Unbounded Analytics

  • Added the following cloud providers in cloud.povider tag:

    • Azure
    • GCP
    • OPC
    • Nova (OpenStack)
    • Packet
  • Grouping Calls in Analytics shows calls that do not match the given group by criteria. These calls are shown as Calls without the 'xyz' tag in the table, in which xyz represents the chosen group by criteria. For API users this group is not shown as part of the result set. Further information can be found in the Analyze Traces & Calls documentation.

Redis Enterprise Sensor

Instana now supports monitoring of Redis Enterprise cluster. This includes a built-in dashboard on Cluster and Node level also with all the key metrics such as number of requests, latency, connection count, CPU, memory and network utilization. Alongside with that the Cluster level dashboard includes metrics for Shards and Databases separately. For more information, see the Redis Enterprise docs.


  • Flow Map: traces starting with outgoing calls no longer cause missing services/endpoints or wrong KPIs.
  • Agent List: give correct results based on the (DFQ) filters used.
  • Trace Analytics: correctly transform Zipkin spans to HTTP type when url is present in span data.
  • Custom Dashboards: The bar chart type now correctly renders multiple metrics for the same axis.