Build 180



URL Shortener

We previously added support for a URL shortener behind a shortcut. Today we are making it easier to discover the URL shortener and to generate good shareable URLs via a button within our header.

URL Shortener Overlay

Custom tags

Custom tags are indexed also on spans generated by Autotrace instrumentation, rather than be limited to spans created via the various SDKs spans.

SDK spans

Added support for transforming SDK spans into BATCH spans.

AWS Multiple Accounts Monitoring

Instana now supports monitoring of multiple AWS accunts using a single agent. For more information, see the AWS docs.

Git-based Configuration Management

The Instana host based agent now supports git-based configuration management to streamline configuration rollouts across multiple hosts. For more information, see the Git-based Configuration Management documentation.


  • We have added DaemonSets to the list of supported Kubernetes resources. Please note that in order to see DaemonSet data on your dashboards, you will need to update to the latest version of your Instana Agent installation method of choice. Please see our Kubernetes or OpenShift documentation for further information on the latest versions of the Agent installation methods.
  • Changed priority of predefined service and endpoint rules, so that rules based on call.batch.*, call.database.* and call.messaging.* tags have higher priority than rules based on call.http.* tags. This will help to create more specific service and endpoint names in some scenarios, e.g., when accessing a messaging queue via the HTTP protocol.
  • Smart Alerts: We enabled further configuration in the Time Threshold section to control the metric granularity the detection is based on.
  • The Java sensor now supports naming JVMs using existing system properties.
  • Docker metrics: The total memory usage is shown in percentage.


  • AWS EMR: Fixed HDFS utilization metric for custom events.
  • Fixed support for the does not start with and does not end with tag operators in Application Perspective and Synthetic Endpoints configurations.
  • Re-introduced support for the starts with, does not start with, ends with, does not end with, contains and does not contain operators in combination with the call.http.status tag, which was accidentally dropped when the tag type was changed from string to number.