Build 183



Google Cloud Storage

Instana now supports monitoring of Google Cloud Storage. This includes a built-in dashboard on Bucket level also with all the key metrics such as number of requests, number of objects and size of all objects. For more information, see the Google Cloud Storage docs


  • Go sensor v1.16.0 has added end-user monitoring support for HTTP instrumentation
  • NGINX tracing v1.0.1: Added support for NGINX 1.19.1 as well as OpenResty and
  • .NET: Support for mongocsharp driver
  • .NET Core: Support for W3C Trace Context
  • Smart Alerts:

    • More time window options for configuring User Impact.
    • When a Smart alert notification is created, violation information like metric name, threshold, metric values are also provided in the alert channel
  • Pipeline Feedback: Cleaner design by adding the markers below the charts.


  • Maintenance windows: Fix evaluation of maintenance windows when the entity in scope goes offline.