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Google Cloud Pub/Sub Sensor

Instana now supports monitoring of Google Cloud Pub/Sub. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays key metrics about topics and subscriptions. For more information, see the Google Cloud Pub/Sub docs.

Google Cloud Storage


  • Infrastructure & Agent view: Added DFQ fields making it possible to search for specific Agents / Hosts based on Agent details such as mode or bootstrap version
  • Application dashboards: The Time Shift feature is made available for latency distribution.
  • Smart Alerts: Added 15min and 20min evaluation granularity options to allow more tuning options when configuring an alert.
  • CRI-O Sensor: The infra (or 'pause') container that runs in each k8s pod is now excluded from monitoring.
  • The recently-released PHP extension version 1.12 additionally traces php-amqp-lib and Kohana logger


  • Agent list: Fixed issue where 'offline' Agents were no longer correctly included in the list. Also, correctly show the timestamp when Agent started reporting.
  • Elasticsearch: Fixed grouping nodes into a cluster using UUID when it's available.
  • JBoss service naming: Fixed service mapping from JBoss deployment names containing special characters.
  • Java: Tracing support for Redisson
  • Python: Tracing support for Boto3
  • Custom Events: The EQUAL condition operator has been changed from == to = in order to be compliant with the default code generator of OpenAPI, which prevously generated an identifier that was invalid when using Java 9+. The operator == will still be accepted by the backend for compatibility.


Python 3.9 has been recently released. We are aware of regressions in a number of asynchronous instrumentations, like aiohttp, tornado and asyncio, and thus we do not currently support Python 3.9. Please open a support ticket to inform us of your plans to move to Python 3.9 (and we also would love to hear why), so that we can prioritize support accordingly.