Build 193



  • Ruby Sensor: The Ruby sensor now supports instrumenting GraphQL.
  • Support for OpenShift 4.6.
  • Instana Agent Chart v1.2.0: Support for OpenShift 4.x.
  • Java Trace Sensor: Support for Servlet 4


  • AWS EC: Calls to AWS EC are now correlated to corresponding infrastructure entities and mapped to a service whose name is derived from the cluster id.
  • Role-based access control: No Application, Service or Endpoint events will be listed anymore in the Events-view that are outside of the defined Application-RBAC filters, if at least one is defined.
  • Role-based access control: Users without any direct group membership will no longer have default access after login, but start with restricted access. This will result in basically not having access to data at all.
  • Simplified installation process on OpenShift using YAML: now the project / namespace can automatically be created for you, as the YAML for the Instana Agent provided in Instana knows how to apply OpenShift's privileged Security Context Constraint (a.k.a.: scc) to the Instana agent's service account. For clusters where the instana-agent namespace was created manually, executing oc apply -f instana-agent.yaml will therefore result in the following benign warning:

    $ oc apply -f instana-agent.yaml
    Warning: oc apply should be used on resource created by either oc create --save-config or oc apply
  • Java Trace Sensor: Dynamically increase max. annotation limit based on number of configured extra-http-headers
  • .NET support for extra-http-headers is completed


  • Fix the loading performance for larger amount of groups for UI and API
  • Fix group overview of user settings so users can be removed from overview directly again
  • Fix live mode infrastructure charts occasionally disappearing
  • JVM heap memory used percentage uses the available heap as max instead of the allocated value
  • Java Trace Sensor:

    • Fix problems in Spring WebFlux instrumentation in combination with Spring Cloud Gateway or Kotlin Coroutines
    • Fix broken traces when using web services on Oracle WebLogic Server in combination with internal EJB calls


  • Instana Agent Chart: Starting with version 1.2.0, Helm 2 is no longer supported.