Build 194



Custom Dashboard: Pie Chart Widget

With this release, we have added support for pie charts in custom dashboards. Users can add pie charts to their custom dashboards by clicking the Add Widget button in the top right corner.

Adding pie charts to custom dashboards

MongoDB Atlas

The Instana agent now supports remote monitoring of MongoDB Atlas clusters residing in different projects and organisations. For more details, refer to the MongoDB Atlas support.

Go AWS SDK support

The Instana Go sensor now offers an instrumentation module for Currently supported services include DynamoDB, S3, SQS and SNS. To activate tracing, add to your go.mod and follow the instructions in the module README.

Node.js Tracing for AWS SQS

The Instana Node.js instrumentation now traces sending messages to and receiving messages from AWS SQS via the AWS SDK 2.x. See the Node.js docs for all supported libraries.

Agent Prometheus 'remote_write' endpoint

Next to 'scraping' metrics, Prometheus also allows for pushing metric updates via the remote_write endpoint and corresponding configuration. Starting with Agent bundle 1.1.587, the Instana Agent includes support for the remote_write endpoint, meaning it is able to ingest metrics and these will be displayed as either a Prometheus Entity or part of the Process Custom Metrics. Refer to the Prometheus documentation for more information.

Other Features

  • Groups and API tokens can now be granted a new permission, allowing write access to all accessible custom dashboards. This comes in handy to remove unwanted custom dashboards, e.g., custom dashboards from former colleagues.
  • Configuration-based SDK for .NET FF / .NET Core are now enabled by default


  • Ruby Sensor: To increase compatibility with other monitoring libraries, we have replaced our usage of alias method chaining with Module.prepend.
  • Ruby Sensor: We now capture database calls for any conforming ActiveRecord adapter.
  • AWS Sensor: We now support the monitoring of multiple AWS accounts using the AWS STS Assume Role approach. For more details, please refer to AWS documentation
  • Oracle Sensor: Since recently Oracle JDBC driver became part of Maven central repository, there is no need to manually set the JDBC jar file
  • .NET Tracer: Support process-ignore configuration
  • .NET Core Tracer: Support process-ignore configuration
  • Node.js tracing: The instrumentation for the MongoDB native driver now also supports the "unified topology" connection mechanism.


  • Ruby Sensor: GET requests via HTTP with no query parameters will no longer error.
  • Agent: Small change to the startup scripts, to verify whether an Agent instances is already running and if so prevents starting a second instance.