Build 195



Improved OpenTelemetry support (Technology Preview)

Calls happening in an OpenTelemetry-instrumented process and calls captured by Instana AutoTracing are now correctly correlated into the same trace for most runtimes. This feature requires up to date Instana tracers.

Kubernetes: CronJob dashboard

Kubernetes CronJob Dashboard now displays the schedule and the list of Job executions on the Summary tab. Active Jobs chart and Conditions were removed from the Summary tab.

Instana AutoTrace WebHook enters BETA

The Instana AutoTrace WebHook, which provides zero-touch support for tracing Node.js, .NET Core and Ruby applications running on Kubernetes, enters BETA. The technology has been running very stably at several customer sites, and we strongly encourage you to try it out ;-)

Also, yes, you did read right: the Instana AutoTrace WebHook now also supports Ruby, and to the best of our knowledge, Instana is the first in the world to have zero-touch support for tracing Ruby applications!

Other Features

  • Ruby Sensor: We now support tracing ActionCable connections. All of the calls from a hijacked /cable connection will be shown under the trace of the initial web request.
  • Agent: Agent container images are now based on RedHat UBI 8 images. They include also several minor fixes and updates.
  • Agent / Java attach: Create Monitoring Issue event for when Class Sharing is enabled on a IBM J9 JVM, which leads to attachment issues.


  • Agent list: When filtering the Agents list using Dynamic Focus Queries and no results were present, this sometimes led to the UI not rendering.