Build 196



Sensor enhancements

  • Node.js

    • Added instrumentation for AWS S3
    • Added instrumentation for AWS DynamoDB
  • Ruby:

    • Added support for W3 Trace Context / OpenTelemetry
    • Added instrumentation for Dnyamodb
  • .NET Core

    • Added support for W3 Trace Context / OpenTelemetry
  • AWS Sensor:

    • Added support for AWS Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)
    • Added support for including/excluding untagged AWS resources. Untagged resources will still be monitored out of box, but there is an option to disable it now.
  • ClickHouse Sensor:

    • ClickHouse server version is displayed in the sidebar

Custom Dashboard: Ability to share max values between multiple Y axes

With this release, we have added a toggle in the axes configurator section of the custom dashboard. The toggle will be visible only when the user adds a secondary Y-axis.

With this toggle, you can set a common max value between both the Y axes. If the user hasn't manually set a max-value in the input field, the value will be calculated automatically using the data.

Share max values between multiple Y axes

New Unbounded Analytics

Unbounded Analytics is even easier and more powerful to use.

  • In addition to the AND operator, Unbounded Analytics now supports OR operator and brackets to build more complex queries.
  • Discovery of tags becomes easier thanks to the new tag catalog which groups tags under different categories with search capability. (e.g. Calls, Databases, Kubernetes, Technology etc).
  • A new chart selector allows visualizing a chart independently of selected metrics.
  • The quick filter bar has been replaced by a faceted search menu on the left of the page. It allows drilling down into your data by adding some frequently used filters quickly. In Analyze Traces and Calls, synthetic and internal calls can be included in the result by toggling the Hidden Calls checkboxes.
  • You can peak into the results of each group without switching to a new page.
  • The JSON payload of the tag filter expression is generated and can be copied from the UI to query our API or to use in the Grafana plugin.

All the above mentioned changes have been made consistent across Analyze Applications, Websites and Mobile Apps, except Analyze Traces which does not support OR operator yet.

In Analyze Traces & Calls, include_synthetic and include_internal tags have been replaced by 2 check boxes in the Hidden Calls section of the facated search menu.

Configure Application Perspective with new query builder

You can now configure an Application Perspective with the same query builder as in Unbounded Analytics and benefit from the new OR logic operator and the brackets.


There is one change in whether a call should be included in an Application Perspective when the filter uses a negative operator.

For example, an Application Perspective is configured with != localhost. Before this release, a call which does not have value in tag such as a database call did not match the filter and was not included in this Application Perspective. From this release, such call without value will match the filter. This new behavior is consistent with filtering calls in Analytics.

You can add is present to the configuration to get the same behavior as in the past. We will keep the backward compatibility of the existing Application Perspectives for a few releases. All newly created or updated Application Perspective will use the new logic.

Other Features

  • Go: as of v1.27.0 Instana Go sensor correlates calls from OpenTelemetry-instrumented processes into the same trace.


  • C++ Sensor 1.1.1: Fixed the NGINX secrets handling.


  • The tagFilters parameter has been marked as deprecated in our HTTP APIs in favor of tagFilterExpression to enable more complex queries with boolean logic. Please check out the Instana API docs for more details.