Build 198



IBM Db2 on i

Instana now supports monitoring of IBM Db2 on i. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays system and memory pool metrics. For more information, refer to the IBM Db2 on i docs.


  • IBM MQ: Added support for custom Availability Zone for Queue Manager.
  • Weblogic: Changed service naming. Service names used to come from the Weblogic server name, and now they come from the different web applications. The result will be more granular but more meaningful services.
  • Details view of a Website Smart Alert now has a duplicate action to copy the respective Smart Alert.


  • IBM MQ: Fixed extraction of topic types.
  • Percentage Bars: Added spacing between two adjacent percentage bars in lists.
  • Fixed the service extraction for AWS Lambdas. Lambda invocations have previously sometimes been counted as calls for the service representing infrastructure or a message broker (for example an SQS queue). Now they are counted as calls towards the service representing the Lambda.