Build 201



Infrastructure and Platform Metrics in Custom Dashboards

Instana now provides all Infrastructure and Platform metrics as a new Data Source in Custom Dashboards. Built-in and custom metrics from entity dashboards can be displayed in Custom Dashboards allowing ad-hoc queries across multi-dimensional tags. E.g. Visualize CPU metrics in a cluster across a subset of Pods while displaying 95th percentile. See the Blogpost for more on the announcement and Custom Dashboards for more details and on how to get started.


Added instrumentation for AWS Kinesis


AutoProfile support for Ruby is available.

Custom Process Names

The name for infrastructure entities for runtimes (Golang, JVM, Haskell, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby) can now be customized with the environment variable INSTANA_PROCESS_NAME.


  • Unbounded Analytics: Improved ungrouped view for calls and traces by supporting the same chart metric and aggregation selection as in grouped view.
  • Java Trace Sensor: Add tracing support for Java 16 and 17, add support for Java HTTP Client.
  • IBM Cloud Platform Services Sensor: Add support for IBM Cloud Databases for Redis and IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL.

Custom Dashboards

  • Top List widget can now display up to 10 groups
  • Application charts (pie and time series) can display up to 20 groups
  • Infrastructure & Platforms Metrics charts (pie and time series) can display up to 50 groups


  • IBM MQ: Correct dependency of topic and listener.
  • Kubernetes: Fix some situations where cluster metrics were not correctly reported or were reported as zero.
  • Application events: The link to Unbound Analytics applies the correct boundary scope of the application name filter used.