Build 202



  • Include Instana's AWS Lambda extension in the Instana Node.js Lambda layer.
  • Google Compute Engine: Instana agents installed on Compute Engine instances will automatically collect labels which will be displayed in the sidebar of every GCE instance.
  • Implemented .Net Core instrumentation for AWS SDK DynamoDB, SQS and SNS clients.
  • IBM Cloud Platform Services Sensor: Added support for IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch, IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB, IBM Cloud Databases for RabbitMQ and IBM Cloud SQL Query.

Agent: Configuration from Process specific files - provide YAML subtrees

In addition to the already available process specific configuration from file or environment with YAML literals, the host agent now supports YAML subtrees from process specific files. This allows for complex configurations, like Java JMX, to be customized for individual processes when running inside containers. Check out the host agent documentation for details.

Custom payload in alert configurations

Instana now provides support to enrich specific alert with static key-value pairs which would be attached to the alert notification.



  • Java Trace Sensor

    • Fix capture of host and port for ElasticSearch clients 6.x and 7.x in case of network problems
    • Correctly strip HTTP basic auth secrets from HTTP requests when special characters (:,@) are used in parameters
  • IBM MQ:

    • Support TLS enabled connection.
    • Support monitoring MQ running in a containerized environment.