Build 204



  • Node.js: Instrumentation of memcached
  • Ruby: Support for ActionMailer and ActiveJob have been added to the library. We now generate logging spans for Rails applications. Resque entry and exit spans are now linked when using the latest version of the instana gem.
  • IBM Cloud Platform sensor: Added support for IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS for MongoDB and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS for PostgreSQL
  • Db2 LUW Sensor: Added SSL/TLS support which enables Db2 monitoring via secure connection

Custom events

An additional system rule has been added in order to ensure the presence (and be notified in the absence) of hosts. This rule can be found under "System Rules" with the name "Host availability detection".


  • Unbounded Analytics: Added a new tag call.http.statusClass which allows calls to be grouped and filtered by status code classes, e.g. 2xx.
  • Monitoring Envoy Proxy documentation: Clarified, enhanced, and unified.


  • Java Sensor:

    • Fixed max. length validation of Micrometer custom metric names
    • Fixed an issue that prevented tracing of asynchronous Jersey HTTP client calls
  • NGINX Tracer v1.1.2: Fix log spam caused by still unsupported subrequests