Build 206



Enhanced Unbounded Analytics

The filter sidebar in Unbounded Analytics received an update which introduces a set of new features:

  • Separated query builder and filter sidebar: Query builder and filter sidebar have been split in two. Gather your initial dataset using the query builder and refine your results by applying several filters from our filter sidebar.
  • Multi selections: It is now possible to select multiple values for each category in the filter sidebar which gives you even more flexibility to quickly drill down into your data. This feature is enabled for all Analyze areas except Analyze Traces which does not yet support all required operators for this feature to be enabled.
  • Improved UI: We refined the filter sidebar UI so you don't lose track of your applied filters.
  • Easier grouping: We moved the grouping button to the header of each filter sidebar category so you can group by a specific category even if it's collapsed. In addition, it is now also possible to lift an applied grouping again.
  • New tag: We enabled the new call.http.statusClass which allows calls to be grouped and filtered by status code classes, e.g. 2xx


  • Node.js tracing: Add trace continuity support for SNS-to-SQS bridge.
  • Node.js tracing: Support for DynamoDB with AWS SDK v3.
  • AWS Lambda/Node.js: Add trace correlation support for Lambda invocations triggered by SQS messages (including SNS-to-SQS).
  • AWS Lambda/Node.js: Add W3C trace context support.


  • C++ Sensor 1.1.2: Improved discovery request handling performance.
  • Filesystem metrics for individual volumes are now available in custom dashboards.
  • MySql Sensor 1.1.66: Added TLS support for secure data transfer.
  • IBM DataPower: Added service status metric and built-in event.
  • IBM MQ: Added channel metrics-Instance Counts, Bytes Received, Bytes Sent.
  • ElasticSearch .Net Core tracing support
  • Couchbase .NET and .NET Core tracing support


  • NGINX tracing v1.1.2: Fixed log spam caused by subrequests.
  • Events API: Fixed that search by ID did not work for events created after R203 when an event was active across the end of a single month.